This Nomadic Idea Podcast is BACK – The Truth About Full Time RV Living

This Nomadic Idea Podcast

Where the heck have we been? On episode 5 we share why we waited almost a full year to bring back our Podcast. We also discuss the reality vs the lies about Full Time RVing and what we’ve learned about (trying) to run a business from the road. Is it worth it? The truth about Internet connectivity and your RV Lifestyle.

This Nomadic Idea Podcast is going to air every Sunday Night at 8:00PM on our YouTube Channel. You can download the full version of our Podcast on our This Nomadic Idea Podcast Page. Right on our Website or catch it on your favorite Podcatcher.

Show Notes:

We don’t do popularity contest’s

Scott chases a bucket in the desert

Ariane has a “different work ethic”. Scott get’s the evil eye

The struggle is REAL for bandwidth

Lifestyle is the key to Full Time RVing

You can catch all the episodes on HERE on our Website. Stay tuned. We are launching RV After Dark in the next few weeks which will be a LIVE Show each and every Sunday Night.

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