Salt Lake City, Utah has a Secret RV Park – Flight Park

Flight Park State Park Salt Lake City

Flight Park State Park near Salt Lake City is NOT your typical State Park or RV Campground for that matter. If you like a little boondocking and getting up early in the morning. Then you are in for a huge treat. It’s home to one of the largest gatherings of Paragliders in the Country. So grab some early morning coffee and walk outside your RV, Van, Tent, (makes no difference) and enjoy watching Paragliders magically appearing during Sunrise.

The park is located on the south side of Point of the Mountain, just north of Lehi. Flight Park is jointly managed by Utah State Parks and the Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (UHGPGA). It is known as one of the best training sites for both paragliding and hang gliding

Flight Park Rec Area Utah


Flight Park offers no amenities except for a bathroom (vault toilets). The road going up to the top can be steep but very doable. This park used to be FREE, but recently has imposed a $15.00 overnight camping fee to stay there. Some FREE camping apps might have it marked for FREE but there is a sign posted about the FEE. A RANGER will come by and knock on your door if you haven’t paid.


You definitely want to visit Flight Park in the Spring or Fall. We were there during the Fall and it was awesome. As many as 50 Paragliders from all over were already up in the air at Sunrise. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Van Lifers, Schoolies, and RV’s all make up the audience and overnight stays. It’s open to everyone. Many Van’s come in late at night to get ready for an early morning flight in the sky.

If you are looking for a Base Camp, Antelope Island State Park is just 45 minutes North where you could literally have 2 amazing Utah State Park experiences.