RV Kitchen Hacks That Will Keep Away The Mice

RV Kitchen Products

The brutal truth of living a nomadic lifestyle is that as some point, you will deal with a mouse in your rid. Whether it’s a Van, a Camper, or an RV. It really doesn’t matter. If you are like us, and want to be remote and like to boondock once in awhile, then having a mice protection plan is a good idea.

Our first month on the road we had not one, but four mice in our Airstream between Michigan and South Dakota. Especially in the Badlands. What we found was how we were disposing our food waste. Traditionally you throw left overs in the garbage. But in the Nomadic world, that can bring in the Mice. So here are a few products and tips we found to work. And since then, no more mice.

TIP: Don’t throw away your left over food scrapings in a traditional garbage bag. Like peeling an orange or onion, those food scrapings. Instead throw them in an empty Coffee Can. Save the can until it’s full. Put the Can in the refrigerator until you need it next.

TIP: Use reusable grease bags to poor out grease from Taco Tuesday Night. Grease smells and will attract every nomadic mouse around. We use Range Kleen Fat Trapper Refill Bags 20 pack. These bags can also be stored in your refrigerator after you use them. In fact, good for a few Taco Tuesday’s and then some. But how do you clean the pan after Taco Tuesday? We use and old backpacking product. The GSI Outdoors 74125 Compact Scraper. The two ends of the scraper are hard plastic for pesky stick ons like left over eggs or bacon, The other end is a soft rubber that can direct grease right into your Trapper Bag. No more papper towels.

TIP: Speaking of Paper Towels. WOW! We sure used alot of them our first month. Which is why we traded them for a SUPERSCANDI Swedish Dishcloths Eco Friendly Reusable Paper Towel. This product was a game changer. When it’s dry it acts as a dish towel. When it’s wet it acts as a paper towel. AND it’s reusable. Just put it in soap and water and clean it.

We put this video together to show you exactly how all these products work together. Good bye Mice!