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Life isn’t always easy. In fact, in the book “A Road Less Traveled”, the first sentence is “Life is hard”. With the grind of going to work, traffic, world politics, social media, and everything in between, it’s a wonder that many of us don’t go insane on a daily basis. Maybe we are going insane, this of course leads to even further stressors, holding your emotions in check.

Both Ariane and I definitely have stressors (as most do) with daily life and getting to the place we both want to be in our lives. Of course, ours is a bit different. We want to challenge ourselves to do more with less. To live free instead of being enslaved by “the man”. We are both free spirits who never really liked conforming to what “the world” tells us we must do or how we must act. Probably why we love backpacking so much and the freedom it gives us.

The trick bag is to be nomadic while living in the realities of existence. Being nomadic doesn’t mean you live a life with zero responsibility. Sometimes it means hard work.


Maybe the misconception starts where the “Life is hard” statement. What do we really think is hard? We go to work, do a job, collect a paycheck with little to no reward. Heck, that’s easy. You are able to pay your bills, be in debt and have stuff. That’s easy! You have a freedom that entitles you to buy on a whim what you want when you want it. Of course, you then have the stress of paying off debt, keeping the job, (because you have debt) and maintaining the circle of your life. Work = Paycheck = Pay Bills = Work Again. We know how to do THAT all to well. What’s so hard about that? Everything in between that of course is how you define YOUR freedom. Are you free? Or are you enslaved to what and who you are suppose to be? The fact of the matter is: Going to work everyday at a job you don’t like just for the paycheck to pay your monthly bills in order to get a 2 week vacation twice a year doesn’t sound like freedom at ALL. Not too mention how much you put on a credit card that you now have to pay off with interest. As Americans, we do this everyday. We even joke about it. For generations we all learned that is is just how it is.  It’s what we are told we need to do. Living each day to feel stuck or enslaved by a life that quite possibly is driving you crazy not only is it unhealthy, that my friends is the EASY. Conforming to the normal.  Knowing you could be doing something else with your life and instead, having the pressure of work, bills, debts, not feeling fulfilled, feeling stuck, that is HARD.

Nomadic Lifestyle


We see entrepreneurs do this all the time. They have finally had it with living for someone else’s model of what they should do and what makes them happy. Sometimes at great cost. Do all entrepreneurs make it? No, not all. But when they do, they never look back. If was easy, every single one of us would be a entrepreneur.

Hard is leaving everything you know to be normal. Everything that makes you feel comfortable. Facing the fear of the unknown and still making a DECISION to go for it. It’s Trusting the Trail when you can’t see what’s around the bend. That is what having a Nomadic Idea or living a nomadic lifestyle is all about. Does a Nomadic Lifestyle sound romantic? Sure it does? Is it hard? You bet it is. I like comparing a Entrepreneur Lifestyle to a Nomadic Lifestyle. They both have so much in common. More often than most, you have to think outside the box. You have to be flexible in your plan. Have to think of creative ways to increase your profits. But more importantly, you have to keep your debt low and your cost’s at a minimum.

Always remember a quote by T. Harv Eker;

“If you are willing to do only what’s easy, life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy.”

Our Nomadic Idea isn’t easy, we have to “unlearn’ everything and realize that the only mistake we will ever make chasing our idea, is NOT making a decision to do it. And that’s almost worse than having the courage to dream it in the first place.


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