Our Camper Van DIY Bug Screens

Bug Screens for your Van

One of the first DIY projects we just had to get done were bug screens for our Camper Van / Tow Vehicle. When you are camping in a Van, it can get a little warm and in desperate need of air flow. Of course the fact when you open up your windows you are inviting every flying insect to come on in and sleep with you.

Ariane came up with this idea to try and keep the bugs out of the Van by making Bug Screens for the windows. So we watched a few YouTube videos and worked together on a DIY project. This is a great project for two people if you want it done in a day.

To do this project you will need a few tools first. A set of Stainless Steel Fastener Snaps. You’ll also need a 1265 Snap Fastener Kit tool to make the snaps work. You will need a drill bit to drill into the outer door to make the screen snaps. (watch video) Then of course you will need some screen. You can buy that at Walmart or you can always or no seum screen.

We made this video before we traveled to the Southwest. Our CamperVan Window Screens did very well and held up the entire month out in the desert. For people living the Van Life, this is the way to go.