Airstream Argosy Renovation

Our Airstream Argosy Documentary was 2 years in the making. We tried to capture all aspects of our renovation from the very first time we saw our Airstream Argosy to the very end. We named it “our little big” because of the farm and how we managed against all odds to restore a vintage Airstream. Our “little big” documentary isn’t professional, but it’s ours. The blood, sweat and tears it took to create our NOMADIC IDEA was truly a labor of love. We hope you enjoy our YouTube Documentary and kind of a nomadic documentary.

To see all the gear that we used that made our renovation complete, visit our Amazon Kit Page. ALL of the specialties that made our renovation special are listed.

Airsteam Argosy Renovation Documentary

So exactly why would anyone take such and undertaking? That’s a million dollar question or at least for us, a 15,000 dollar question. It all comes down to having a passion to finish what you started, and to follow your goals. Our goal is to be nomadic in nature. How do we achieve that? Well, for us it started with seeing an Airstream Argosy for the first time and realizing that it fit’s our lifestyle. Knowing what kind of lifestyle you want on the road is key to realizing your nomadic idea.


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