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19 Unfreeze Your 12 Volt Water Pump EASY

Welcome to This Nomadic Idea Show where we discuss the uncensored truth about living LIFE on the road full-time. Whether it's a full time RV'er, a VanLifer, those living in a Skoolie, or someone who…

Living on the road full time

When Plans Change On The Road

On episode 18 we share our story on how plans have changed while full timing on the road. How do you adapt to a change of plans while living full time in a RV or…

RV Inflation

Will Inflation Kill The RV Nomadic Lifestyle

On episode 17 we delve into the issue of higher gas prices, higher propane and just higher everything. Will Inflation cause the end to the RV road more traveled phenomenon? Are we looking at the…

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We are traveling across the Country and want to share all the amazing places with you. Each of our guides gives you THE BEST places we visit and what to expect.