Free Boondocking with Gators – Okefenokee Swamp

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There are just some adventures you shouldn’t pass up if you are living a nomadic lifestyle. Whether you are a Van Lifer, a Full Time RV’er, or just passing through. A visit to the Okefenokee Swamp is a must. What’s the best part? You can park your RV or Van for free overnight, and go for epic paddle trip and camp in the Swamp. No need to spend money at a RV park to go for a overnight or day paddle.

The Okefenokee Swamp is accessed right outside of Folkston, GA off of Hwy 23. It’s the home of the Visitors Center and the boat tours in the Canal. You can rent your own Kayaks and go for a day paddle. If you want to do an overnight in the swamp, you will need a permit. Overnight permits are available by calling in first. If you do go on a overnight paddle, you can park your RV or Van for free in a secure parking area while you are out in the swamp.

Best time to paddle or visit the swamp is early Spring or late Fall. Having said that, best time to see the swamp in it’s glory is early March when the amount of Gators are small but the Lilly’s are starting to bloom in the swamp lakes. We have gone in December, January, and March.

There is RV camping very close to the Swamp. We recommend Traders Hill Rec Area campground. It’s one of the older rec area’s in Georgia and has a very rich history. The Spaniards use to trade there as the St Mary’s River is only 100 yards away. Traders Hill has hot showers and full hookups for $25.00 a night. They allow (large) RV’s, Van’s, and just regular Tent Camping. It’s a older campground and ran by a great couple who do their best with the funding they get. But for a night before or after a paddle in the swamp, and only being 3 miles away from the entrance, you can’t beat it. Here is a video of Traders Hill RV campground If you want to travel to the other side of the Swamp, you have the Stephen C. Foster State Park that is a much bigger (and more expensive) place to stay. They also have Kayak Rentals. Getting Permits for overnight stay is works the same way no matter where you stay.

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The town of Folkston, GA will have everything you need to stay for a few day’s. Grocery Store, and other amenities will have you admiring this small town. It does have a laundromat and some good places to eat.

What makes this a favorite of ours is not only do we love the area, and paddling in the Okefenokee Swamp, but it has everything you want in a Nomadic Adventure. Gators, Swamp, History, and a FREE place to park while you partake in a Swamp adventure. What more could you want?

Here is a group of RV Nomads we took into the Swamp after the RV Tampa Show in 2020

Ready to hit the swamp? We are guides that have been going into the swamp for years. Let us know when you want to go?