Best 3 Free Camping Area’s Near Moab, Utah

Moab Utah is one of the most sough out adventure destinations in the U.S. and there is good reason for it. There is just about every adventure you can think of right at your finger tips. Of course, there is also some of the best National Parks in the Country all right there. Arches National Park, Cannyonlands National Park not too mention Dead Horse State Park, Native American rock art, Dinosaur tracks and much much more.

The trick to all this adventure is to find a base camp. Even in the late months you will probably be leaving your camp early in the morning. It get’s crowded fast in all these great places to explore. Anchorning down a base camp can be a little overwhelming if you are looking for the FREE in Moab.

The key to finding the perfect free camping spot in Moab is understanding that everyone else is looking for that perfect free spot. Having said that there is a huge amount of BLM land around Moab, so finding a place to camp for a week or two can be relatively easy. The hard part was picking an area! The spot we ended up in is gorgeous and is just right for our type of camping. Here is where we ended up boondocking in Moab Utah.

Here are a few places that you can camp for free:

Willow Springs Road. Willow Springs is on BLM land which means it offers dispersed camping and it’s free, and is only about 15-20 minutes away from Moab. This area is widely known because there are dozens of campsites scattered along the road that are able to fit anything from a big RV to tents.

If you want to venture into Arches National Park, the road that goes into the park from the campsites is a rough four miles. You can only hike, bike, or ride a 4×4 to get into the main park area using the off-road trail.

*Willow Springs Road can be really crowded at times. FYI

Getting There:

From Moab, go north on US 191.
Turn east on BLM 378/Willow Springs Road.
Willow Springs is no secret so it can get crowded during peak seasons.

There are no designated campsites, but the land has been flattened out over the years. To avoid further damage, stay in the areas that have already been used, instead of spreading the devastation. There are no facilities here and packing out waste is required.

While it might be crowded, Willow Springs is one of the closest and most easily accessed free camping sites. The view is nothing to complain about, either.

Klondike Bluff Road: If you’re looking for spectacular views of the mountains and surrounding landscape and free camping in Moab, Utah, you may want to check out Klondike Bluff Road. It’s near a cell tower, so the service is almost unbeatable.

It’s a relatively large campsite located about 20 minutes outside of Moab and 15 minutes from Arches National Park Visitor Center. It may fill up quickly, but it’s spaced out enough to where you can have your own spot.

To get to Klondike Bluff Road just follow the turn off sign on Hwy 191 and turn LEFT (if heading South into Moab) Go 3 miles in pass the trail head parking area where the road turns right. Go as far as you like.

BLM 143: Prime location, great cell service as reported by other campers, access to the Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways, BLM 143 is a spectacular spot for camping near Arches National Park. It’s about 30 minutes outside of Moab and has a smaller crowd than many nearby campsites.

Most if not all of these are off of Hwy 191. The road conditions are usually pretty good but you will be driving at a lower speed for obvious reasons. When it rains, these roads can be a mess. Also, know that all of these FREE area’s come with a trade off. It will be extremely dusty. Where as an RV Park won’t be. There are several RV Resorts/Parks near and in Moab. But they do cost a premium dollar.

In our opinion, Klondike Bluff Road offered the best place to camp for FREE. Good Internet signal and offered amazing Cycling, ATV, and Hiking opportunities. You can hike right into Arches National Park for free and see Tower Arch.

We love FREE Camping spots. If you have a good one in Moab, let us know by commenting below. Happy Camping!

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