26 Boondocking Bust For 2022

This Nomadic Idea Podcast

On our 26th show we talk about “Boondocking Bust for 2022”. Are we looking at the fall of some of our favorite “free” spots in our National Forest’s and BLM land? We share the truth about how one of Arizona’s favorite free boondocking spots just got changed and parts of it closed. How another big YT channel got some the facts wrong. Plus a very frank discussion on how reservations are changing in National Parks and what is going away. And Lastly, are you looking for a summer job near Yellowstone? We might be able to help.

What We Talk About:

Big Changes to Sedona’s Free Favorite Boondocking Spot

Rangers are not messing around, they have an App

This could be just the beginning

Better start planning now

First Come, First Served? Yea right

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