The Cost of Boondocking as a Fulltime Nomad

Podcast about Full Time RV Travel

Welcome to This Nomadic Idea Show where we discuss the uncensored truth about living LIFE on the road full-time. On today’s show we talk about Boondocking. Exactly what is it? Who is doing it? And what kind of financial investment is there to live the “Free Life”. How does Social Media Play a role, in glamorizing boondocking and what is the truth. Whether you are a Van Lifer, RVer, or a Nomad, don’t miss this, as we share the uncensored truth about life on the road.

Show Notes:

Who needs Solar and Why?

Don’t “buy” into the Battle Born Lithium affiliate marketing game

How much of an investment is there to live “free”?

Don’t throw money at the lifestyle of boondocking

There is Math involved in Boondocking. Scott sucks at Math

Friends don’t let friends run the water faucet for ever.

Learn the word “Capacity”.

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