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Our Nomadic Idea

Nomadic living is defined as: roaming about from place to place, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement.

Becoming nomadic wasn’t just a flip of the switch. It’s become a longer journey of learning how to do without. Not without items – stuff – belongings, that was an adjustment all to itself.  Speaking instead of mental comfort. Comfort that has been ingrained within you that you need more than having nothing at all. Surrounding yourself with comfort items or space that normal everyday people do. We find ourselves “unlearning” what society has taught us. Go bigger, have more, buy more, buy new. The more you have, the more you will be happy?

All that is precisely where the conundrum had set in. Having nothing and having everything is a matter of perspective. Perceived by your needs, wants and lifestyle. Someone else’s having nothing is my version of having everything.

We have spent our entire lives working to build up our lives, following expectation that had been directed to us. Adventures were our escape from everything else.

When we went backpacking and doing a long distance hike, and living in a tent for weeks at a time, it soon dawned on us that we really did’t need much out on the trail. So why did we  need so much when we were off the trail.

Though so much more was missing – it took us a long time to understand exactly what that was. As part time Outdoor Guides, and taking people out on adventures, we new we wanted to expand that lifestyle. But we still had this chain tied to us once we got back into the Urban life.  The free feeling we had from going from National Park to National Park, from Wilderness Area to Wilderness Area just couldn’t be denied.  We want to work and live as nomadic individuals by bucking the norm and doing what makes us happy.  We now know that working full time in jobs we hate eleven months out of the year for that freebie month of taking people outdoors and at the same time exploring new places ourselves, just isn’t cutting it.

It’s time for a change.



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