RV Composting Toilets – The Good, The Bad, The Poop

RV Composting Toilets

A few years ago, RV Composting Toilets were the rage. Of course the temptation for affiliate marketing on popular YouTube Channels were just so tempting. They are expensive after all and bring in pretty good buck. Of course the reality of the RV Composting Toilet was that it had a high maintenance value to it, and most RVers soon turned against them. NOT US! WE love ours and here is why.

Episode 6 of This Nomadic Idea Podcast shares the unfiltered truth about RV Composting Toilets and why we like them.

Show Notes:

The Scoop on the Poop

Ariane shares Scott’s poop to friends

“Can I dump my pee tank in your toilet”?

The Struggle is Real

Scott doesn’t trust Ariane’s answer to the question. “Is the pee tank full”?