Is Free RV Camping Really Free?

On our weekly show we discuss the reality of Free RV Camping. Is it really free. We explore the first 365 days of new RVer that thinks camping for free on BLM land is cheaper than RV parks. In most cases yes, it is is cheaper, But there are certainly cost’s involved the first year, and you would be surprised on how that averages to your daily cost for “free’ camping. So think twice about those FREE Instagram Pics you can’t wait to share and understand that FREE isn’t always FREE. At least in the first year of Full Time RV Travel.

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Show Notes:

Huge announcemet for the Full Time RV Travel Commuity.

We are now on Clubhouse App

Free is not free the first year. Someone has to pay for all the toys

Battleborn Batteries are expensive affiliate links and don’t get caught up

Know your energy needs before you ask “How much solar do I need”.

Did we just prove free camping is NOT free?

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