Hello Nomadic Idea, Goodbye BackpackerTV

It’s not easy coming to realize that your perhaps your brand plan isn’t really…branding well. But to be honest, we had to take a hard look at who we were and what we wanted to be about. We’ve had this idea about being nomadic for quite some time, but didn’t know how to express that with you, our followers. TheBackpackerTV started way back in 2008, the plan was just to curate content off YouTube videos about backpacking. In other words,  other peoples content. Over the years it had a pretty good following on Twitter and Facebook, and we changed the content from time to time to try and make it about our content, but after 2013, it wasn’t who we were anymore. So what to do, what to do?

It was time to be honest and admit that people just were NOT connecting to the name. If they were, it was largely a backpacking audience, (not that we don’t love that audience) but we wanted something bigger that represented our dream, goals, hopes, and experiences all wrapped into one.  We couldn’t be a backpacking brand and talk about our life in a RV or traveling in a RV type of lifestyle.

We went back and forth for weeks. One of the idea’s was to convert our Trust The Trail Podcast into the brand itself since it’s doing so well. But that was still all backpacking, and guided trips. We did’t think that would fit with traveling across country in a RV. Which we wanted to expand into the RV world also. Again, what to do, what to do?

Because it was all rather confusing to us, it was surely confusing to people that were following us on our Podcast, Instagram, and Facebook. We had 3 different brands going at the same time. It was that realization that we decided our Podcast needed it’s own identity, and our idea to be nomadic needed it’s own identity.

We also started making YouTube Video’s about our Airstream Argosy renovation which was CLEAR nobody from the backpacking community wanted to watch. AND that’s pretty much how YouTube works.

So in July of 2018, we made the decision to separate our Podcast, from our idea to be nomadic and travel in our 76 Airstream Argosy and expand into the “adventure travel” category by changing our name to “This Nomadic Idea”. After all, it’s a very simple statement of fact. We want to travel and be nomadic. We had this idea to buy a vintage airstream, renovate it, and travel in it.  The point was to go backpacking in all 50 states and experience what life through at us. That was the idea a year ago, and that is the idea now.

Our Trust the Trail Podcast has it’s own website, Instagram, Facebook Page/Group and Twitter.

This Nomadic Idea is who Scott and Ariane are today. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. No Twitter

Pretty simple and clean. Our lives, hopes, journeys, struggles and dreams are here on this site to share with our outdoor community, friends, and family.


The next step is to share our nomadic idea with you. Every week, we shoot out our we are getting closer and closer to hitting the road. How we are downsizing, how we are renovating the Airstream Argosy, where will we be going? All of it. After all, this is our nomadic idea.


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