Cooking Nomadic Meals with Recycled Water

At first, cooking with recycled water sounds like a terrible idea. But not really once you understand HOW it will be cooked. Cooking nomadic meals with recycled water is pretty easy and very sanitary. Why? The water never touches the food and it’s the science found in a product called Omeals.

What are Omeals? Omeals are a pre-cooked packaged food that can be heated in a cooking bag with ANY liquid. AND, they are really good. We have used Omeals out in the backcountry while camping in remote places where water can be hard to find. That’s what makes Omeals so great. They can be cooked with creek water, dish water, salt water, any liquid.

How it works: There is a packet of food on the inside of the main bag the water makes contact with the heating element and heats the bag of food. The heating element is like a hand warmer but gets much hotter to boil the water. Water does not make contact with the actual food.  Thus the genius concept with the product. Each pouch is an 8 ounce serving.

If you are on the road or traveling in your Van, Camper or RV, this is a great way to eat with little effort. No propane, no getting a fire going. For most consumers each pouch is for 1 person. It’s a great way to store for those days that water is going to be limited or saving water is important. The amount of water is cook an Omeal is about 4-6 ounces, or about a  half of cup. 16 cups in a gallon, you could save a half of gallon of water to cook a months supply of Omeals. That’s a lot of food for very little water, and if you recycled your gray water (let’s say for dishes or saving a few cups of water in the shower) you could cook a months supply of Omeals without EVER using your fresh water for cooking.

Omeals has a wide variety of choices, which is good when you are on the road. Omeals can be found on Amazon and they can shipped right to you while traveling.  Happy eating!

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