We spent 3 months exploring Arizona and have put together the best free RV or Van camping in Arizona. Everyone loves free Boondocking and Camping and in Arizona there is plenty of places to camp in. Did you know that the entire State of Arizona is only 15% developed? That’s a lot of undeveloped land.

The best time to visit Arizona and beat the heat is of course Winter, Spring, and Fall. Summer can be just to damn hot. However, if you plan ahead, you can go up in elevation and at least be somewhat cooler ish. We found that traveling in elevation friendly area’s of the State worked best for us.

A few things to remember. Although Arizona is a beautiful State, it does come with it’s issues. Forest Fire in the Summer months is one. Monsoon Season is another, and excessive heat is the worst. All these are between the months of May – September.

You may want to check out our Fire Safety Post Podcast on what to do if you have to evacuate a National Forest while boondocking and our FREE Fire Safety Checklist Download

Arizona has 3 major National Forests: Prescott NF, Coconino NF and Kaibab NF. Each one has it’s own set of rules for boondocking. Make sure you go to each NF website to make sure you understand the camping rules. We know from experience Coconino NF enforces the 14 day rule for boondocking stay.

Please make sure you always follow the LNT Guidelines in our National Parks.

Not in any particular order and found on the Campendium App.

Here are the places we have found to be the BEST FREE CAMPING SPOTS IN ARIZONA

Do you have a favorite FREE Arizona Camping Area? If we missed one, post below, we’ll add it to our favorite list.