About Us

We are Scott & Ariane and our Nomadic Idea isn’t that different from so many others. DO MORE WITH LESS. However, it didn’t always start out that way.

We met in Atlanta on a Urban Hiking Trail (very first meeting pic below) and became friends on our very first meeting. Scott lived in a high rent duplex apartment, and Ariane was renting a house. Ariane had spent 15 years working in the retail sector (Anthropology) and Scott working in the IT / Social Media sector. The one thing we both had in common was backpacking the great outdoors. We often laughed about living out of a backpack on the trail and how much we loved the journey of the unknown.

Very first meeting

After a year we became best friends. Not long after it was apparent we had something special, so we decided to downsize and move in together. We gave up living in a high rent district and the rental game to live a more mobile life. Little did we know it was the start of a much bigger transition than even we could imagine. We went backpacking all over the Country with our 2 dogs, Caldonia and Dino. After all that backpacking we learned we didn’t need much on the trail to be happy. In fact,exploring the outdoors was our passion, so we both became certified as Outdoor Guides taking people out on backpacking adventures for their first time.

It wasn’t long after we started downsizing that we asked ourselves an important question: If we can be so happy backpacking for weeks on a trail living out of a 50 liter backpack, what if we applied minimalism to our regular lives? We also saw how much money we were spending on lodging and transportation. There had to be a better way.

Feeling free and being able to go to all the places we have ever dreamed of going met we had to un learn the rules of “sticks and bricks”, and what society tells people how to live. We decided to buy a vintage Airstream Argosy, renovate it, sell all of our crap and live full time in a 180 sq ft of space…with 2 dogs.

How to start renovating an Airstream

In 2018 we started selling all of our stuff (including 7 separate garage sales) and learning to live a minimal lifestyle. All at the same time restoring our Airstream from top to bottom.

After 3 years, we downsized to a little tiny apartment with no stove or microwave and have learned to live a very minimal lifestyle. We still are very much in love with each other and are best friends even though renovating the Airstream and putting our dream on hold for a minute was very stressful and put our relationship to the test. After all this, we are stronger than ever. Both of us through this whole journey still worked at our jobs and kept moving forward to our dream..

So, how did it all turn out? Here is the best way to get to know us and what we went through to live our Nomadic Idea.

The journey is always is the NOT knowing, that’s the fun of it. Come join us.