23 Creating Passive Income as a Full Time Nomad

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On today’s show we talk about Creating Passive Income as a Full Time Nomad. We discuss different ideas to create passive income, but we delve into the definition about what is a Digital Nomad? And the biggest mistake we see people make creating income on the road. We also answer the question whether or not YouTube is a business, and what that means to you. We share the uncensored truth about just how hard that is to maintain and how much work is actually involved in creating passive income on the road. We have a special guest who is going to share her YouTube Story with us.

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Show Notes:

So what is a Digital Nomad? Or is it now defined as a Full Time Traveler?

Biggest Mistakes we see people make. No plan

Is YouTube a Business? Why not

Affiliate Income. The good the bad the ugly

We share how much money we make on our Podcast

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