21 Clean Up That Poop and Traveling With Pets

RV Travel With Pets

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On today’s show we talk about “how to travel with Pets”. With more and more people on the road, it seems they ALL have pets. But what’s up with pet etiquette and why so many people are just llettig their pets off leash and just running around? I’ll share a story about dogs off leash when I was recording last weeks show. We also share the real reason why National Parks don’t allow pets on trails. And a piece of gear that alerts you via text message the temp in your rig if you have to leave your pet inside your rig. Also we share some tips to make sure your pet is safe. We want to know if you travel with Pets and if you have seen an increase in bad behavior both with pets and their owners NOT cleaning up after them.

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Gear We Mentioned in our Show:

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Show Notes

RV Parks cracking down on Dog Clean Up could there be fines coming?

The real reason why National Parks don’t allow dogs on trails

Off Leash in the Desert could mean Fluffy becomes Coyote Food. Leash your pet.

“I’m finding it personally appalling the lack of care of pets this year. Daily, or several times a day, there are people losing their pets. Fighting with pets. Attacked by pets. Please people, control and love your pets”

Always have an emergency plan for your pet. Where is the Emergency Care Center.

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