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This Nomadic Idea Podcast

24 Essentials For Boondocking

On episode 24 we talk about "The Essentials of Boondocking". We discuss the pro's and con's of boondocking. And what kind of gear you should always carry with you. What are some of the more…

This Nomadic Idea Podcast

23 Creating Passive Income as a Full Time Nomad

On today's show we talk about Creating Passive Income as a Full Time Nomad. We discuss different ideas to create passive income, but we delve into the definition about what is a Digital Nomad? And…

This Nomadic Idea Podcast

22 Nomad Travel Budgets and Strategies

Is is possible to make money while spending money on the road? On this episode we share 3 strategies for expenses and how we use credit cards to create money for us so we can…

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We are traveling across the Country and want to share all the amazing places with you. Each of our guides gives you THE BEST places we visit and what to expect.