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Podcast about Full Time RV Travel

The Cost of Boondocking as a Fulltime Nomad

Welcome to This Nomadic Idea Show where we discuss the uncensored truth about living LIFE on the road full-time. On today's show we talk about Boondocking. Exactly what is it? Who is doing it? And…

Buying a New RV Versus Used

Pro’s and Con’s of New Versus Used RV’s

On today's show we are discussing the variables between purchasing new vs used? Is one better than the other? Is one more costly than the other? Either way, you need to first understand your lifestyle…

RV Podcasts

Nomadland Movie Review And What Defines a Nomad

On episode 7 of This Nomadic Idea Podcast we have a deep discussion on the movie Nomadland and review if this lifestyle was portrayed as reality or stereotype. We share how Nomadland offers a positive…

Our Travel Guide

We are traveling across the Country and want to share all the amazing places with you. Each of our guides gives you THE BEST places we visit and what to expect.